When you sign up for a private paint party, you can ask the canvas painting studio to follow a certain theme of your choosing when they select the artwork you’ll learn to paint for your party. If you book a spot in an advertised public night, there might be a theme listed. Here are five possible paint party themes you might find interesting.


Floral is among the most requested themes for painting parties because floral artwork looks good in most homes, is easy to paint, and can be gender neutral. There is also a wide range of flowers that can be painted, ranging from popular roses and daisies to scenes of wildflowers. If it is your first time attending a painting party, you may want to consider going with a floral theme.

Period Pieces

There are certain periods in art history that people recognize, including the “Impressionists” and “Renaissance” pieces. One way to incorporate themes into your paint party is to pick an art period and to recreate a piece of art from that period. Some public paint nights may even follow a series, where each Wednesday you get to paint a different Impressionist piece, for instance. If this is something that interests you for a private paint party, make sure to let the art studio know well in advance so that they are able to accommodate your request. Some period pieces may be too time consuming or difficult for a typical paint party, while others make a great choice.


Painting parties that accommodate for kids typically utilize brighter colors and simpler paintings. They may include popular kids cartoon characters, as allowable by licensing restrictions, or animals that kids find fascinating. If adults want to paint pictures of pets, such as of a dog or a cat, some of the advertised kids’ nights may focus on these types of themes.

Famous Artists

There are some famous painters that have become very popular at painting parties, largely because their art is widely recognizable by art enthusiasts and novices alike. Artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso are two such examples. This is why some painting parties choose one of these famous artists as their theme. Some of the most requests pieces by famous artists include “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh, “Red Poppy” by Georgia O’Keeffe, “Number 8” by Jackson Pollock, and “Three Musicians” by Pablo Picasso.


One of the simplest and rewarding themes is the beach. You can have a simple painting of the shoreline with just sky, water, and sand, or you can have a more complicated piece of art with fish, shells, and birds. If you’re booking a private party, you can request a more difficult piece to recreate, if you’d like. Just be mindful of time constraints, as the paint party can only last a set amount of time.

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