Planning a painting party at a canvas painting studio can be a lot of fun. You’ll enjoy a relaxing session with your friends while expressing your own creativity. Here are some things you should keep in mind before booking your paint party.

Public Versus Private Bookings

Most painting studios host public nights where you sign up for a predetermined time that’s open for anyone to join. Depending on the size of your party, you might be able to schedule a private party that consists of only your friends and family members. This event time would not be published at the studio for other people to join. If you’re a small group, it might make more sense to attend a public night together so you won’t have to worry about meeting private group minimums. If your small party does plan to attend a public session together, make sure to arrive early to ensure that you’ll be seated next to each other.

Are Children Allowed?

If you attend a public paint session, be sure to check if it’s a child-friendly session. Otherwise, you’ll need to make a decision about whether kids are allowed at your private group session. If kids are coming, the art you create will likely be easier to make since kids will need to be able to follow along, too. If everyone at your party is 21 years old or older, you might be able to sip wine. Make sure to check with the painting studio directly to confirm the details about your session and the rules about drinking alcohol before making any assumptions.

Theme Nights

If you plan a private paint party, you can request a theme, style, or artist that you’re interested in creating. For instance, if you’re planning a painting session for a social book club gathering and you just read a book featuring a dog, you can ask the painting studio if the art you paint at the party could incorporate a dog. Try to give the paint studio as much advance notice as possible when it comes to special requests, as the supplies they’ll need to gather may change depending on the request. For public sessions, you can check with the studio to determine what it is you’ll be painting.

You May Get Messy

Any time that you’re dealing with paint, there’s a chance that you’ll get messy. For this reason, it’s important to let your guests know what kind of activity they’ll be participating in. You don’t want them to show up wearing their favorite clothes only to get paint on them. If you want the activity to be a surprise, just let them know that they should wear comfortable clothes they wouldn’t mind getting messy in.

Book Your Paint Party Early

Paint parties have become extremely popular. Whether you want to schedule a private party or book seats for a public night, you should try to make your plans early. You don’t want to plan a paint party for a particular night only to find out that there’s no availability.

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