Painting is a great way to express creative energy and to have fun with friends. As painting parties become more popular, it’s important to note that there are different types of painting studios around that you can go to. Here are some of the differences between canvas painting parties and ceramic painting studios, so you know what you’ll be doing when you make an appointment.

What is a Canvas Painting Party?

A canvas painting party can be booked as a private party or during a scheduled night. An instructor will walk you through how to recreate a painting, step-by-step, using canvas and paints provided by the studio, as everyone follows along. You’ll take your piece of art home with you the same night.

What is a Ceramic Painting Studio?

At a ceramic painting studio, you’ll pick out a ceramic piece to paint using the studio’s paints and supplies. For instance, you may choose to paint a statue, trinket box, plate, or bowl. Each member of your party can paint something different. You’ll paint the ceramic piece as you want to, without any instruction on what to do. After glazing your ceramic piece, it will be placed in a kiln to finish. You’ll get instructions on when to come to pick up your finished piece.

What You Paint

The biggest difference between a canvas painting party and a ceramic painting studio is what you paint. At a painting party, everyone paints on canvas. At a ceramics studio, everyone paints something different.

Group vs. Individual Pieces

At a ceramic studio, everyone kind of does their own thing. There will likely be open studio hours where you can come and go to paint your piece. You can spend as much or as little time working on your piece as time allows. At a canvas painting party, you’ll spend the same amount of time painting your canvas as everyone else, as the painting process is instructor-led. If you love to work on your own projects, a ceramic piece will be a lot of fun. However, if you want to share an experience with others working on the same art piece, a canvas painting party is likely ideal.


Many canvas painting parties aimed at adults allow you to sip wine while you work on your painting. For a book club or a girls night out, wine makes the experience even better. You’ll relax and find yourself less self-conscious about your work. Because many ceramic painting studios host open hours where you’ll come and go as you please, drinking wine isn’t usually an option.

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