Planning a fundraising event can be tough. You need to balance entertainment and education, explaining to your potential donors who you are and why they should invest in you while simultaneously giving them an evening of fun and excitement. With a diverse guest list, finding something that will please everyone is not easy. A themed painting party at The Paint Place can be a perfect solution.

With carefully selected decorations, thoughtfully chosen background music, and a small spread of high-end food and drinks, you can set the stage for an evening to remember. At just the right moment, one of our professional artists will bring out the painting of your choice, and guide your guests through the process of creating their masterpiece. We provide all of the needed materials, including an apron to keep your guests’ outfits clean. Here are 6 reasons that a themed painting party is an excellent fundraising choice.

1. Diverse Appeal

Potential donors come from all age groups and backgrounds. Many like to bring their families to fundraising events. They may have widely differing interests. Yet a painting party can bring them all together. This highly engaging yet low-stakes activity replaces some of the “cocktail party” feel of many fundraisers with more focused fun.

2. Relaxed, Stress-Free Environment

A painting party is, by nature, a low-key and relaxing event. Whether we host your fundraiser at our studio or join you at your favorite venue, focusing on creating a painting takes some of the pressure off both you and your potential donors. With so much at stake, nerves are often running high at a fundraiser, but we will help foster a calming atmosphere.

3. Bonding Opportunities

Fundraisers can, unfortunately, foster an “us versus them” mentality, in which potential donors hold their pocketbooks close while those who are attempting to raise funds look for ways to make their case. At a painting party, many people elect to work in pairs or small groups to create a painting that is as perfect as possible. This can break down walls and create genuine bonds between fundraisers and donors.

4. Improved Communication

For a fundraiser to be successful, you need to convince potential donors that you have something worth investing in. Yet it can be tough to find just the right words to explain your ideas. During the painting portion of the evening, clear communication between the artist and the participants is absolutely essential to success. Many people find that practicing these skills during the painting class helps them to focus their thoughts and more clearly communicate their ideas later in the evening.

5. Critical Observation

Creating a painting can be equally useful for potential donors who are deciding whether to invest. Under the guidance of an expert, they will learn to dissect the whole into its components and examine it critically. They can then use this skill during the rest of the fundraiser to help determine whether they want to contribute.

6. Shared Novel Experience

One of the biggest advantages of a painting party is its novelty. Research shows that lasting bonds develop when people undergo a novel experience together. Simply trying out something that is new to everyone involved, and working as a group to create success, will bring fundraisers and donors together in a way that simply is not possible during a traditional fundraiser. If you want your donors to be firmly on your side for the long run, sharing a novel experience can be the key.

A themed painting party is an excellent choice for any fundraiser. You can select the painting of your choice for your group to work on, along with the decorations, refreshments, and other important elements. Against the backdrop of a low-key, collaborative project, you will have the opportunity to bond with potential donors in a whole new way.

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