While many parents know that paint parties make fantastic birthday parties, you may not think about hosting a paint party for Girl Scouts. However, Girl Scout troops can really benefit from going to a paint party at a canvas painting studio, whether they do it to earn a badge or to simply have fun together. Here are some of the reasons why you should schedule a paint party as your next Girl Scout event.

It’s Fun

Going to a paint party is fun, no matter if you’re an adult sipping wine with your girlfriends or at a Girl Scout troop function. If your Girl Scout troop spends most of its time together working hard to earn badges or sell cookies, having an afternoon of fun is an important way to find balance. Some Girl Scout troops even use the money they earned from cookie sales to pay for a private painting party celebration each year that signals the end of the fundraising season.

It’s Social

One of the best parts of being a Girl Scout is creating lasting relationships and memories with other girls. To do this, girls need to spend quality time together. A paint party is a great opportunity for socialization, as they will each paint their own canvases at the same time. When one laughs about a mistaken stroke, another can cheer her on. You can even plan to have snacks available to enjoy during the party.

Girls Can Earn Badges

A paint party can be more than a fun time. You can use a paint party to help you meet some of the requirements to get a Girl Scout badge. For instance, going to a painting party can help fulfill part of the Brownie Painting badge. Depending on the level of the Girl Scouts and what badges they are currently working toward, there are many ways to use a paint party to help earn badges.

It’s Less Messy

Let’s face it. Painting at your regularly scheduled Girl Scout meeting can get messy. From getting all of the painting supplies to using the paint in your meeting space, it can also be a hassle. Going to a paint party means that you don’t have to secure any of the supplies or waste time cleaning paint brushes and the floor.

No Experience Necessary

Paint parties are geared toward all skill levels. Whether you have a young Girl Scout troop with little experience holding a brush, or a group of Juniors that attends the local arts school, everyone can participate together. Since a paint party includes an instructor that will guide you through how to paint the chosen piece, you don’t need any previous painting experience to know what to do. Yet for girls who already love to paint, there is enough complexity to keep them interested.

A paint party should be a part of every Girl Scout troop’s experience. Interested in planning a private paint party for your own Girl Scout troop? Contact The Paint Place to discuss prices and availability

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