Painting classes are sweeping the nation, but many people are unsure what to expect. Plagued with memories of your middle school art class, you might be hesitant about voluntarily getting involved with anything that has to do with painting. Yet the new wave of painting classes is all about low-stress fun and excitement. Under the guidance of a professional artist, students work independently or collaboratively to create their own reproduction of a famous work of art. Kids are, by nature, curious and creative, and this type of experience lends itself perfectly to a kids’ party that they will never forget. Here’s why.

1. Novelty

In the modern world, kids’ parties tend to be elaborate extravaganzas. But how many video games, costumed characters, and bounce houses can kids experience before they all start to run together in their minds? No doubt these parties are fun, but they can lack a bit of originality.

A painting party is truly something different. Not only the guest of honor, but all of the attendees will have the chance to stretch their creative minds, play with paint and brushes, and strive to create something new. The sheer excitement of trying something brand-new, accompanied by a few close friends and relatives, practically guarantees that your child will talk about the party for a long time.

2. Built-in Souvenirs

Many parents like to give a little something to their children’s party guests to thank them for coming. Yet many of these are either edible or disposable, and will be forgotten soon after the party ends. At the end of a painting party, each child will take home his or her own masterwork. This is a lasting souvenir that is sure to generate fond memories for everyone in attendance.

3. Friendly Competition

The Paint Place works hard to foster a low-stress, noncompetitive atmosphere. Yet many kids have an undeniable competitive streak that leads them to constantly challenge their friends. At a painting party, everyone has his or her own canvas. The more competitive kids in the group can challenge each other to create the “best” painting, while those who are shyer or more withdrawn can relax and do their own thing.

4. Laid-back Atmosphere

Kids have a lot of pressure on their shoulders to behave in particular ways in different situations. They must be obedient and driven at school. They are expected to speak softly and keep their hands to themselves when dining out. They must work hard and give it their all when playing organized sports. At The Paint Place, there are few rules and little pressure. As long as a child is not being destructive, it’s perfectly fine to be himself. Kids can chatter in small groups, get up and stretch their legs, or simply kick back and relax. The painting is a background focus task rather than a high stress obligation that must be perfectly completed.

5. Creativity

Although our professional artist will guide the kids through their reproduction, creativity and out of the box thinking is always encouraged. Some kids try their best to create an accurate replica of the presented painting, while others take the opportunity to experiment with the paints and canvas. There is no “correct” way to enjoy a painting party, and unlocking a child’s hidden creativity can be a lasting result from the party.

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