For many people who would like to paint for fun, attending a paint party has become a more popular option than enrolling in a formal art class. For some, attending a paint party serves as a great introduction to painting as an adult, after years of not painting. Here are some of the reasons why paint parties are becoming more popular than art classes for adults.

Less Expensive

Paying for a formal art education program at an art museum, school, or community organization costs more money than going to a paint party. You won’t have to pay expensive registration fees or tuition. Plus, all of the materials and supplies that you need to paint are provided by the art studio, so you won’t need to invest money in your own brushes, paint, and canvases.

Smaller Time Investment

Most formal art classes last one night a week for several weeks. Some classes meet more often than this. Going to a one-off paint party means that you can learn to paint without committing to a course that is weeks long. If you have a busy schedule and are unable to attend a class every week, this can be an effective way to practice your painting skills with a trained teacher without having to make a big time investment.

More Social

In most formal art classes, you paint in silence as you learn from the teacher. Depending on where you go for your art class, you may even have to complete written tests. Going to a paint party is a lot more social. You’ll be able to paint with your friends and family members, talking to them as you go. During some paint parties, you’ll be able to sip wine and really unwind throughout the party. This is something that you wouldn’t be able to do in a formal paint class.

Less Focus on Technique

You will learn some painting techniques if you attend a paint party. However, there is less focus on technique and a greater focus on completing your painting. If your brush stroke is a little off, it is okay. Consider it an experiment in learning to paint. Unlike at a formal art class, no one is going to judge you for your painting technique. You’ll have the freedom to learn, make mistakes, and try again.

For Amateurs and Painting Enthusiasts

Informal art classes, you would sign up for a painting class by level. As a beginner, you’d be in a class of other beginners. If you have a lot of experience, you might be in an advanced art class. At a painting party, amateurs and highly skilled artists paint together. You can be inspired by advanced painters while you’re still learning. This is also beneficial if you’re at a different painting experience level than your friends, as you’ll be able to take the same class.


Wine can both help and hinder your overall painting skills. When used in moderation, wine can help you relax and focus on having a good time with your friends instead of being self-conscious about your painting skills. However, having too much wine can make it difficult to really focus on the details. Ultimately, it’s called “sip” and paint for a reason. You don’t want to “guzzle” and paint. You may not like the painting you end up with if you do.

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