In today’s busy, always-connected world, it is easy for romance to fall by the wayside. No matter how in love you might be, romance must be constantly nurtured to survive. If you and your partner feel more like pals than lovers, it is time to inject a healthy dose of romance into your relationship. A painting class can be just the thing to help you feel like teenagers in love again.

1. Novelty

Science shows that the rush of passion experienced during the honeymoon stage of a relationship is caused by biochemical changes in the brain. Powerful neurotransmitters, including dopamine and norepinephrine, combine to create feelings of euphoria that help you bond tightly to your new partner. Over time, the honeymoon period ends, and passion is replaced by deeper but less romantic feelings of intimacy and commitment.

However, novel experiences trigger the same brain changes as falling in love. When you undertake a brand-new challenge with your beloved, the passionate feelings blend with the deeper feelings of love and trust to create a powerful recipe for rekindling romance.

2. Communication

Each painting class is led by a professional artist who will walk you through the process step by step. You are free to ask questions as desired. Careful listening and communication skills are the key to success, yet the environment is intentionally low-key and relaxed, making it easy to practice those skills in a nonthreatening way. What you learn in class about listening and communication can easily transfer to your relationship, setting the stage for a lifetime of better understanding.

3. Critical Observation

Each painting is a finished whole, but getting there requires you to “unpack” the painting into a series of sequential steps. It takes a keen eye and good critical observation skills to see how the pieces fit together to form the whole. These same skills are extremely useful in a relationship, as they allow you to parse out your partner’s point of view on any issue.

4. Collaboration

Although each person creates his or her own painting, class members are encouraged to collaborate as much as they like. You and your partner can work together, taking turns guiding, following, and questioning to create paintings that are even more perfect than would have been possible on your own. You can take the lessons in collaboration that you learn during your painting class and transfer them into your daily life.

5. De-Stressing

One of the highlights of any date night is the opportunity to simply relax and de-stress with your partner. A paint and sip, in which you are welcome to bring your own beer or wine, is a wonderful opportunity to do just that. The painting itself is designed as a low-key focus activity, but relaxation and quiet conversation are an important part of the event.

You will have the chance to hold an adult conversation with your partner without worrying about being interrupted by the kids or the typical stressors of daily life. You can speak with others in the class, or simply focus on reconnecting with each other. You can work independently or collaboratively, and put as much or as little dedicated effort into your painting as you choose. The entire event is designed to promote calmness and mental recharging, and our experts will take care of everything while you relax.

A painting class is an ideal way to reconnect with your partner and rekindle the romance in your relationship. Against a calm, relaxed backdrop, you will have the opportunity to try something new together in a low-stakes, non-threatening way. You will learn valuable skills that you can take home with you, find passion through a shared novel experience, and ultimately create artwork of which you can both be proud. So next time you are looking for a date night activity, why not leave the kids at home and head out for an adult-oriented painting class?

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