As more people attend painting parties, it makes sense that companies are also starting to plan paint parties. As a corporate team building activity, painting parties are a great option that employees can look forward to. Here are some reasons why painting parties are among the best corporate team building activities.

Even Playing Ground

Unless your company sells handmade paintings, the odds are good that there aren’t any professional painters on your corporate team. That means that everyone has either just a little experience or none at all. This is a good thing for two reasons.

First, it evens the playing field for your staff members. It doesn’t matter if they went to an Ivy League school or didn’t graduate from high school. All staff members have the opportunity to do something new together. Second, it’s a shared novel experience.

Pure Fun

There’s nothing athletic, competitive, or stressful about a painting party. It’s also not simply a training or a conference. When you plan a painting party for a corporate team building activity, you’re doing it just for the fun of it. This can be great for team morale, as employees can do something fun together. It can also help build relationships within and between teams.

Shared Goals

When teams work toward a shared goal within the office, they get invested in seeing it through. If your team has faced difficult challenges in the office, it can help team members get on the same page to work toward a shared goal outside of the office. At a painting party, everyone works on their own version of the same painting. Seeing this project completed can be beneficial, as your staff can see that even if everyone has their own perspective, they can end up completing the projects just the same.

Cost Effective

Painting parties are cheap compared to many corporate activities. You don’t have to pay an exorbitant fee to a corporate trainer, pay for staff members to travel to an exotic location, or pay for goodie bags. By comparison, hosting a painting party is a steal.

Established Time Frame

A painting party takes place during a certain time frame, usually for a few hours. It isn’t an activity that’s going to run on longer than your established time frame. This can make scheduling it within the constraints of your corporate work day easier. If you want to schedule it for after the work day, it keeps the activity from seeping into your employees’ personal time.

For New York businesses that want to host a painting party as a team building activity, check out The Paint Place We can accommodate your team with the time, theme, and cost efficiency you need in your next team building activity.

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