Some people love to shop in arts and crafts stores to find the perfect paint color, brush, or pen for their growing art collection. However, other people haven’t found a craft they enjoy, or they simply don’t consider themselves crafty. If you find yourself feeling less than crafty, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t attend a paint party. Here are some reasons why you may want to participate in a painting party, even if you aren’t particularly crafty.

Instruction for Beginners

When you go to a paint party, you don’t need to have any painting experience. The instructor will guide you through the painting process, showing you each individual step you need to take to create a beautiful painting that you won’t be embarrassed to share. This can help you learn how to paint in an easy to understand format

Plus, you can learn more about painting without having to invest in any of the supplies. Maybe you’ll attend a paint party and discover that you love to paint. Maybe it will confirm that while painting is fun, you’d rather participate in other hobbies. Either way, you can discover how you feel without any substantial investment in craft supplies.

Good Way to Try Something New

Researchers recognize how important it is for people to stay active and to try new things to keep their brains healthy and alert. Most of us tend to stick with activities we already know how to do. If you aren’t crafty, odds are good that you don’t regularly paint on canvases. Going to a paint party is a good way to incorporate something new into your experiences.

Socialize with Friends

Going to a paint party is a great way to socialize with friends. Instead of buying tickets to see yet another movie, consider going to a paint party where you can participate in an activity rather than simply sitting quietly with your friend. You can cheer each other on as you complete your painting and, in some cases, sip wine together.

Teambuilding with Co-Workers

Many offices now sponsor painting parties for their teams because it is a good way to build rapport within the team. If the team is struggling to communicate in the office, attending a paint party outside of the office can remind everyone that negative feedback isn’t personal and that they value the other people they work with. Even if you don’t like to participate in arts and crafts, seeing your boss in a new light is definitely worth the trip.


At many painting parties, you can drink wine. Everything is just a little bit more fun with a glass of wine. You may even feel more crafty while you drink. There aren’t too many arts and crafts activities or art classes where you can sip wine while you participate.

Interested in going to a paint night with a friend? Contact The Paint Place to see when the next one is on the schedule.

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