If you’re planning on attending your first paint party, you may have some concerns on what to wear. After all, whether you’re spending a girls’ night out or a team building day for work, you want to be comfortable, look stylish, and dress appropriately. Not to mention, you won’t want any paint to accidentally damage your clothes. Here are some guidelines on what to wear to a paint party.

Flat Shoes

While there will likely be stools available for you to sit on during the paint party, you won’t necessarily spend all your time sitting. You’ll spend some time interacting with other guests and gathering supplies. Plus, standing might end up providing you with a more comfortable angle for painting. To stay relaxed on your feet, plan on wearing flat shoes that won’t slide off your feet while you’re walking.

Stylish but Older Clothes

When you paint a room in your home, you likely wear old, stained clothes you plan on getting dirty. However, you don’t want to wear these clothes to a paint party. You still want to be stylish. Pick out an outfit from older clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty, but are still presentable. If you wear a dark brown shirt, for instance, most paint stains will camouflage into the fabric. After all, you don’t want to feel frumpy at your girl’s night out event.

Many of the places that host paint parties use paints that are washable just for this purpose. However, all fabrics are different and there’s no guarantee that the paint will come out. Plan on wearing the provided apron to further protect your clothes.

Limit Jewelry

Rings and bracelets can make painting more difficult, and can get covered in paint. Don’t wear a lot of jewelry to a painting party. You want to make sure that your hands are free for paint brushes (as well as wine glasses, if available).

Consider the Event

You can have a paint party to celebrate all sorts of events, from a children’s birthday party to a bachelorette party. Odds are that some of these events are more casual than others. If you’re attending a paint party during the day and/or with kids, it’s probably okay to wear shorts and sneakers.

Ask the Host

When in doubt about what’s appropriate to wear at a paint party, it’s perfectly okay to ask the host. They’ll have an idea of what they expect and of what other people are wearing. Then you can gauge your own outfit based on this feedback. After all, you never know what others are expecting you to wear unless you ask.

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