If you don’t consider yourself much of an artist, you might wonder why anyone would choose a painting class as a corporate activity. Perhaps your only experience is with a middle school art teacher who made you feel bad if you had trouble with sculpting or pottery. Yet today’s painting classes are the antithesis of the high pressure classes from your school days. In our painting classes, a friendly and highly experienced artist will walk you step by step through creating your masterpiece in a low-key environment. Here are 5 reasons that a painting class is actually a great choice for your company party.

1. Relaxed Atmosphere

We can host your party at our studio, or bring the fun to you at your choice of venue. Either way, we focus on keeping everyone relaxed and stress free. The focus is on camaraderie and the chance to simply sit and chat with your coworkers away from the high pressure environment of the average office. The painting itself acts as a background task that gives everyone a common starting point, rather than a high stress chore that must be accomplished to perfection. You are welcome to bring beer and wine to our studio or, of course, to consume whatever beverages you prefer when we bring the party to your venue.

2. Friendly Competition

Although we strive to foster a noncompetitive atmosphere, the Type A members of your team will surely enjoy the opportunity to “prove themselves” against each other. We consistently find this type of competition to be fun and good-natured rather than stress inducing, and everyone generally ends up laughing and having a good time. Why not give your Type As a healthy outlet for their competitive nature, in an environment that lets everyone else sit back and do their own thing without pressure?

3. Team Building

Although each person will create his or her own painting, a class is a great way to bring team members closer together. Those who are naturally more artistically talented often step forward to help others who are struggling. Those who tend to be shy and less inclined to small talk tend to open up more when working on a low-stress shared task. Taking your team out of the pressure cooker office environment and giving them something new and fun to focus on builds new bonds and helps teams learn to mesh.

4. Confidence Booster

Many people struggle with self-confidence issues, which can hold them back at work and across all aspects of their lives. Successfully completing a painting, whether perfect or not, can be a huge confidence booster. Your team members will begin to view themselves as competent, successful people who can handle new challenges. This newfound confidence will carry over to the office, ultimately helping them to become even better employees and leaders.

5. Family Friendliness

Many companies like to invite family members to their corporate parties, but not all venues and situations are right for kids. A painting party is a great way to engage all of the important people in your employees’ lives. We can run a separate class with an easier painting for little ones, or they can join in with the main class. Either way, a love for art has no minimum age requirement, and kids love to feel included. Parents might even discover a whole new passion in their children that would otherwise have been overlooked.

A painting party is an endlessly flexible, low-key option for your next company party. Family friendly and easy for everyone to participate, it can be either the main event or one of many activity choices at a larger party. We are happy to speak with your party organizers about our available options and help you design the event that is right for you.

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