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Corporate and Team Building Events

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, companies need employees with excellent soft skills, including: problem-solving, communication, and critical observation! These skills can be much more difficult to teach than hard, technical skills like keyboarding or billing. A corporate team-building event centered around a painting class is a perfect way to foster unity while developing these soft skills that are essential for your team to succeed!

We provide everything you need for a successful corporate painting event, from easels and paint brushes to smocks! You can choose your painting choice from our extensive library, or we can work with you to create something personal to your business or endeavor.

Paint & Sip Corporate Events in NYC

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Why Choose a Painting Class?

A Paint and Sip class offers a purposeful blend of creativity, communication, and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for a team-building event that addresses both professional and personal development aspects. The lasting benefits extend beyond the studio, positively impacting the collaborative dynamics within the workplace.



2 Hours
Additional time to your event: 1/2 hour – $60, 1 hour – $120


Monday-Thursday minimum of 8 guests
Friday-Sunday minimum of 12 guests


Monday-Thursday 8-15 guests $45 pp 16 ore more $40 pp
Friday-Sunday 12 or more $40 pp


Homemade Art Easel Shaped Cookies
Personalized Aprons
Reusable Carry Bags
Personalized Tote Bags
Custom Wine Glasses

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