Hosting your child’s next birthday party at a painting studio is a solid choice for many reasons. You won’t have a major mess to clean up like you do when you choose to host a birthday party at your home. You also won’t have to figure out what to do at the party, since the paint studio will provide your kids with both the location and the activity.

Plus, the art your kids create with their friends will serve as party favors for guests. You won’t need to purchase separate goody bags of items to give away, unless you want to. Here are some other reasons why paint party art pieces make excellent party favors for kids’ parties.

Art Pieces are Part of the Experience

The art pieces that kids create during the birthday party are part of the fun. Instead of having a birthday party where party guests watch a movie, a puppet show, or some other passive activity, kids have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and create something wonderful that they get to keep at home. Birthday party participants will remember the fun they had when they see the art that they made.

If you want to take your art-based party favors to the next level, consider taking a photo of the birthday child and the party guest working on art together. You can bring a portable photo printer to print the pictures from your digital camera or smartphone right from the party. If not, you can send a printed copy of the picture with a thank you card to attendees after the fact. They may choose to keep the photo with the piece of art.

Skip Cheap and Dinky Party Favors

Most birthday parties give away cheap and dinky party favors, such as small plastic toys, stickers, and themed baubles. While kids are excited to receive a goody bag full of such party favors, these toys break quickly and get forgotten about when kids go home. In some cases, these small plastic pieces may even become a choking hazard for little children.

Although they are relatively inexpensive, parents still must spend money on these items knowing that they are going to get thrown out. With a painting party, kids walk away with a single piece of art on a canvas. This means less clutter and waste.

Looks Better Than Classroom Doodles

Kids love to bring home pieces of art from school, each one more special than the last. With a painting party, your child will be guided to create something beautiful on a long lasting canvas, instead of a crumpled piece of paper. Parents may be more likely to hang up the art pieces made from a children’s painting party instead of a series of classroom doodles.

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