If it seems that all of your friends on Facebook and Instagram are posting pictures of their creations at a local painting party, you’re identifying a trend. With the help of wine, adult men and women are re-discovering the power of creativity through painting canvases at local paint and sip parties. Here are just five of the reasons why wine and paint are the perfect pairing.

#1: Relaxation

Wine is a well known way to relax. Whether you curl up with a glass of pinot on the couch with a good book or sip merlot in a bubble bath, wine drinkers are familiar with the relaxation powers of wine. What you might not know is that painting and other crafts are also known to be relaxing. When you attend a paint and sip party, you can benefit from a double source of relaxation with wine and painting.

#2: Adult-Only Fun

You can be sure that an evening paint party where wine is served is an adult-only event. If you have kids, you can spend the night reconnecting with your partner and friends in a child-free environment, with just a little less responsibility than your everyday life. If you don’t have kids, you won’t have to worry about attending an art class designed for kids. Wine and paint make for great adult-only fun.

#3: Creativity

There’s a reason why so many famous writers and artists drank a lot. Creativity and wine go hand in hand. When you spend more time doing creative things, you’ll naturally feel more creative. Wine can help you relax to get into a better creative state.

#4: Investing in “Me” Time

Many experts agree that American adults are spread too thin. We have too many commitments and responsibilities that are only magnified by the use of smartphones and other internet-connected devices. In older generations, leaving work meant shutting down work-related responsibilities for the night. This isn’t the case now, when your boss can send you a quick email message on your cell phone and expect a response. Plus, most of us work even more hours now, and have greater responsibilities in terms of family, extracurricular activities, and caring for aging parents.

The expert solution to this is to invest in more “me” time, where you do something just for you. Ideally, you schedule this time to be fairly often so you have enough time to relax and recharge. Wine and painting are a great way to have that “me” time, since you’ll have to step away from the humdrum of daily life, turn off your phone, and focus on something that has nothing to do with work, deadlines, or the carpool line.

#5: Less Calories Than Cheese

Lastly, paint has fewer calories than cheese does. Most of the time, wine is paired with cheese, which has a lot of calories and fat. When you pair wine with a painting party, you get the socialization and relaxation without unnecessary calories.

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