Sip and paint parties offer adults a great way to unwind with a glass of wine while painting with their friends. As a result, these parties have become increasingly popular. With more adults picking up paint brushes again, it begs the question: can wine improve your overall painting skills?

Relaxation and Creativity

Research shows that it’s easier to be creative when you feel relaxed. Think about how it’s easier to come up with your best creative solutions to problems while taking a nice, hot shower, rather than when you’re busy trying to finish your errands before the end of the day. Wine can help you relax. It would make sense that you’d feel more relaxed and creative if you drank wine while you painted.

Be Less Self Conscious

If you’re new to painting, you might be self conscious about your painting skills and not want to show them off to other people. This can hinder your painting by causing you to constrict your abilities. Drinking wine might make you less self conscious about your painting skills and more able to freely use them. Since painting parties are purely for fun, you don’t need any formal painting skills to participate.

Less Attention to Detail

Unfortunately, alcohol can impair your ability to focus on details. Since painting can be a detail oriented activity, especially if you want to create a close replica of an existing work, alcohol could worsen your overall painting skills. If working on your painting skills and/or creating the closest possible replica is important to you, you might want to limit how much you drink during the paint party.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Wine can both help and hinder your overall painting skills. When used in moderation, wine can help you relax and focus on having a good time with your friends instead of being self conscious about your painting skills. However, having too much wine can make it difficult to really focus on the details. Ultimately, it’s called “sip” and paint for a reason. You don’t want to “guzzle” and paint. You may not like the painting you end up with if you do.

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