A new trend that is spreading like wildfire, a Paint and Sip is a tremendous way to bring people together. From family reunions to corporate teambuilding events, a Paint and Sip is sure to get the conversation rolling. With participants seated at their own easels, a professional artist will walk your group through creating a masterpiece. Here is a look at how all of the elements come together to foster bonding.

Laid Back Atmosphere

A Paint and Sip is intentionally designed to foster a laid back, relaxed atmosphere. The painting serves as a common activity that naturally sparks interactions, but is never a tightly focused, high stakes task. We invite you to bring in beer or wine, sit back, and let the experience soothe you.

Low Key Competition

While Paint and Sip events are intentionally non-competitive, every group has its share of highly driven Type A personalities who enjoy challenging each other. A Paint and Sip provides a healthy outlet for these competitive tendencies, allowing those who choose to compete to do so in a fun and lighthearted way. We generally find that these low key competitions add a splash of excitement to the experience without causing stress, as everyone usually ends up laughing.

Bonding Moments

If you have wallflowers in your group, a Paint and Sip is a gentle way to draw them out of their shells. The low-stress shared experience makes people more inclined to ask for or offer help than they would be in a higher stakes environment. Those with more artistic skill tend to become leaders, even if they normally try to hide in the shadows. Those who struggle with the task tend to welcome assistance, even if they are normally take-charge personalities. In addition, the simple act of sharing this experience creates shared memories and, in many cases, lasting bonds.

Wide Age Appeal

Paint and Sip events appeal to all ages, from young children through senior citizens. This broad appeal makes a Paint and Sip an ideal choice for family reunions and other events that include a wide range of ages. If you have small children in your group, you have two choices. They are welcome to join the main class if you think they are ready to enjoy adult conversation. Alternately, we can set up a secondary class for the kids, perhaps with a somewhat easier painting. The choice is yours.

Confidence Enhancement

A Paint and Sip is an excellent choice for people who are struggling with self-confidence issues. Completing a painting, even if the artistic quality is low, is a major confidence enhancer that can lead to successfully taking more risks. Teenagers and those going through a professional or personal setback are among the people for whom a Paint and Sip can seem almost life-changing.

Public Events

If you are interested in getting to know others in the local community, consider joining us for a public Paint and Sip event. You are welcome to come alone or with others—simply book the number of seats that you need. For the reasons discussed above, from the relaxed atmosphere to the plethora of bonding moments, it is easy to get to know your fellow class participants. Many people make a public Paint and Sip event a regular part of their social schedule, and new people join all the time. Whether you are new in town or simply hoping to expand your social circle, give a public Paint and Sip a try.

A relatively new trend that has swept the nation, the Paint and Sip is a low-stress, high-reward social activity. With a structured activity that leaves plenty of room for bonding, a Paint and Sip is an excellent choice for any group, as well as for individuals who hope to meet like-minded members of the community.

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