Picture this: 23 of your craziest, most loving humans in one room, cracking open cans or bottles, splitting bagels, singing as loud as they please, and painting their hearts out. Sounds too good to be true?
I love birthdays. I always have. I love others’ birthdays just as much as I love my own. I love any and every excuse for the people I love most in the world to come together for the sheer purpose of having fun.
For the past two years, we’ve gathered just a few days after January 28th at the Paint Place on W 72nd st, our new home away from home, in celebration of Ellen. We’ve sung, we’ve painted, we’ve consumed alcohol, we’ve had a really, really good time.
I think there’s something incredibly special about these afternoons we’ve spent in this sun-soaked room.  Two hours where I’m not tempted to think or worry about anything besides these two hours with my people, doing something I am objectively not good at but have a really good time with anyway.  There’s something so simple about what we’re doing, but so intense about the joy it brings. Ellen is the most special, most joyous person. These afternoons reflect her right back.

I hope we go back next year.
This blog post was made possible by The Paint Place, who gave us a discount on Ellen’s birthday party in exchange for sharing.  In case it isn’t clear, we highly, highly, highly recommend.

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